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Integrated Parking Guidance System

  • Integrated PGS Controller/Parking-64 Central
Integrated PGS Controller/Parking-64 Central

Integrated PGS Controller/Parking-64 Central

  • Communication:TCP/IP
  • RJ45 Port
  • Model:Parking-64 Central
  • Max wiring to 64 units nod controller
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Technical parameters:

Working temperature-20 ~ +65℃
Operating voltage:AC 110~240V
Net weight:3.2Kg
Power consumption:≤2W
Casing material:Cold steel and stoving varnish
Communication mode:1-circuit CAN
1-circuit 10/100BaseT TCP/IP
Communication distance:CAN:≤1000m (RVSP 1.0*2)
TCP/IP: ≤100m (CAT-5 )

Important Notice:

1 unit of central controller can support connect to max 64 units of nod controller

Wiring Diagram

Central controller is wiring to nod controller by RJ45 network cable base on tcp/ip communication

Protocol for collecting datas from ultrasonic detector and led display

Complete components for sintronic integrated parking guidance system

System Work Flow

Sintronic integrated parking guidance system is working base on once the ultrasonic sensor detect

There is a car coming to the bays and after 3 or 4 seconds the indicator will become red color otherwise it

is showing green color

Important notice:

1.Indicator color change to red color it need about 3 or 4 seconds accounting from the car start parking in the bay

2.From the led dispaly and software see the parking bay quantity changes it need about 7 or 8 seconds


Sintronic integrated parking guidance system is mainly suitable for large and medium-sized underground parking lots, and is widely used in public parking lots such as government office buildings, large hospitals, railway stations and shopping centers. Its main working principle is to send ultrasonic waves from top to bottom according to the ultrasonic detector to detect the reflected waves on the roof and the ground, so that it can correctly detect whether there is a vehicle in each parking space, and then pass the parking information of each parking space through the network line Pass it to the control computer, and the computer passes the guidance signal to the guidance indicator through software processing. Indicators guide drivers to quickly find vacant seats.

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