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Sintronic parking is found in 2012 which is a part of shenzhen sintronic technology company limited,s manufacturing department focus on manufacturing parking system productions and solutions ranging from ultrasonic detector,parking guidance controller,Indoor&outdoor led display for parking guidance system to parking ticket controller tcp300,uhf reader, parking card dispenser &card collector, ticket box and boom barrier gate for smart parking ticketing system
and we are able to provide technical assistance during any stage of your product development, helping to turn your idea into a commercial product by with our 11 years over experience in the parking industry.



Contact: Tim Wu

Phone: +86-15813805304

Tel: +86-15813805304


Add: 201,Plaza A,Qianwan 1st Rd,Nanshan,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China( Technology Development&Logistic Center)

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